Replacing batteries for fire props

Replacing batteries for fire props

Did you know the batteries for our fire props last 20-25 hours? Perfect for a weekend of cosplay, but what happens when the batteries need replacing? This post will show you how!

1. Separate the plastic casing of the LED by pulling the top away at the middle seam of the LED. It should come open without twisting, and you should see a metal casing in one half.

Separated LED casing

2. Remove the LED and battery component. This can be done by gently pulling at the sides of the component with your fingernails until the entire unit comes out.

LED component removed

3. Gently hold the component in one hand, and locate the open side. It will be the side that has no metal pieces blocking the battery.

Open battery side

4. Using the other hand, gently push the battery out of the component towards the open side. The battery should slide out with ease.

Removed battery

5. Gently slide in the new battery, positive side pointing away from the LED. The positive side is the side with the writing on the battery.

6. Replace the LED component by placing it back into the plastic casing. It may require "popping" back into place. Ensure the LED bulb is centered, and the component is flush with the plastic.

7. Snap the other half of the casing in place and press the LED to test.

Learn better with video? No problem! Check out the video below where we go through the same steps.

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